static security guards london

Static Security Guards

We specialise in the provision of professional security guards personnel to clients across all sectors, throughout UK. Our officers at the front line represent us and our customers, which is why we invest so much in them through training and management support.

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Business Security

We have the biggest range of business security solutions available for various business sectors. We have the expertise to designed security solutions which exactly fits your pocket and exceeds your requirements.

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Bodyguard Services

Ieventsecurity is at the forefront of the Bodyguard Security niche. We deliver a bespoke service from low profile single bodyguard protection to high profile bodyguard team protection.  Whatever the potential treat and in every possible environment our bodyguards are trained to respond in a suitable and practical manner without jeopardizing the well-being of the client.


We are regarded as a reliable provider of security services in London.  When it comes to hiring security guards in London, We have the expertise and experience required to help clients in perfect order. 

Throughout the many years of serving the security industry, we have proved ourself to be among the most affordable yet professional security companies in london. our security solutions have become more sophisticated and flexible so that they match the specific requirements of our clients. Each security solution is tailor-made, based on:

Clients requirements and planned activities

Our experience in organizing such events

The expertise and experience of our security staff

Security Services in London

You can give us a ring to discuss the specifics of your requirements and we can advice you the best possible solution. Once we have all the details we will submit proper proposal along with a quotation. Our people share years of experience in security planning and site risk assessment and have successfully helped hundreds of businesses and individuals in protecting life, property and assets.

After initial consultation, if needed we visit the actual location of your site and better assess any potential security risks. Our people are detail oriented and make sure that nothing is left to chance. Great attention to details is what distinguishes us from our competitors.If needed, we install additional surveillance and monitoring equipment.We always take advantage of the available technology by making it part of our security plans.

Second step is presenting the security plan to you or the person in charge. We make sure that we have covered everything and that you are on board with our recommendations as well as our overall security plan. We further adapt the plan if because of some reason some parts of the event were modified.  Even if presented with last minute changes our people are trained to make fast and accurate decisions which will keep you and your site secure.

Every one of our security staff members is

Hand-picked after a strict evaluation process

SIA licensed

Has a strong background in the security industry

Regularly trained and in excellent physical and mental condition

The last but not least our even security services are quite affordable. We offer the best rates in the industry while at the same time not compromising the overall quality of our services, not just the event security solutions.

Event Security in London

Among the many other services we provide event security and safety stewards as well. For whatever the event we have trained and experience stewards that can suit your needs. Each year our stewards take part in hundreds of event from which they have gained plenty of experience. How our event stewards have performed throughout the many years of working in our company gives us the confidence to promise our clients perfection. To better understand what we offer here is what can be expected from our event stewards:

Our event stewards know the specific demands for every kind of event and know what is expected from them from that particular event

They are managed by an expert who has years of experience in the area. Even though there is a clear hierarchy they are encouraged to bring their own decisions if the situation requires that.

Each steward is trained how to work as part of a team or as individually, that is according to the requirements of the assignment or the situation.

They are well familiar and trained how to use the technology used for securing and monitoring different events

Each of our stewards is fully licensed.

Each of the stewards is trained in providing first aid

Each knows all that it is be known about security protocols and how to react in case of emergency such as fire or another immediate danger.

Also, they know what is off limit and what is strictly forbidden for them. So far none of our event stewards have breached our rules or have conducted in a way that it can compromise our integrity.

As far as our overall services, here is how we do our business;

We are 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service. 

We can be booked at a moment notice and send our stewards within few hours after your initial contact.

Whether it is a small or some grand event we can cover it. Not only that our stewards are well-trained but they come in great numbers which is quite convenient for big events.

Our rates are one of the best in the industry.

We always make the most of the available technology. Monitoring and surveillance technology and communication lines are part of most of our operations.

We can instantly call and deploy additional event stewards whenever the filed situation required that.

LONDON HEAD OFFICE: 58 Lancaster street Southwark london SE1 ORY, UNITED KINGDOM

Phone: 02084322236

Mobile: 07896357587


Client Testimonials

I have used  their guards for our events and site security time and again. Guards were very professional and well trained, will use them again
Troy Hunter, Harmonix Construction Limited